If your medication was lost, stolen, forgotten or if you have run out while visiting our area,
we may be able to transfer your prescription from your home pharmacy. If you have refills
on your medication, simply contact us with the name and phone number of your home
pharmacy and the medication name and strength and we will call your home pharmacy
to transfer the prescription to our pharmacy. We can then deliver the medication to your

If you do not have refills on your medication, simply contact your home physician's office
and have them call, fax or "E-Script" the prescription to us. Once we have the prescription
from your doctor or pharmacy, we will deliver it to the front desk of your resort.

Please note, we can only transfer prescriptions from pharmacies that are located
in the United States. Prescriptions from outside the United States may be filled in
certain emergency situations if the physician's office calls us directly.

We do not contact mail order pharmacies for transfers. If you receive your prescriptions
from a mail order pharmacy, you will need to contact your physician's office and have
the prescription called or faxed in to us.

Please note, some medications cannot be handled in this manner. Be sure to call us
to verify your medication is transferable or able to be called in from your physician.

If you have any questions, please call us at (407) 828-8125

If you need a prescription called in or faxed in from your home physician,
click here for more information.

Please Note, we do not bill insurance plans. We provide itemized receipts
and universal claim forms for patient reimbursement. Patients with
out-of-network insurance coverage may submit the paperwork for
reimbursement upon returning home from their trip.
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